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The Liebster Award

It’s always nice when fellow writers shout out peer writers through recognition and awards. Although awards are great, I am not a big fan of talking about myself. I don’t like to do it if I don’t have to. Talented funny girl, Author Donna Joy Usher of Australia, says I must chatter about myself because […]

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The Social Media Liar Player

A few years back, I joined MySpace upon the recommendation from a friend. I engaged the site for a while but soon became bored with this social medium. I wasn’t frequenting there often when one woman befriended me.  We chatted on and off for about 4-months. She was a single mother with three daughters. Like […]

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Heaven and Hell on Earth

Thousands of events have been lived, studied, and evaluated upstairs in the old noggin. One reoccurring study that’s been with me since I was a kid is the discussion between heaven and hell. I learned that the two future homes are the result of our actions in life. If I understand the result correctly, I’ve […]

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My Butt Hurts

It’s Sunday morning, April 17, 2011, and my first full day of becoming an official blog-man! The birds are chirping, scattered clouds surfing underneath a beautiful light blue umbrella, and my butt seriously hurts. I joined yesterday! Not known for being the sharpest nail in the pail when it comes to technology, I’ve always […]

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