The Social Media Liar Player

A few years back, I joined MySpace upon the recommendation from a friend. I engaged the site for a while but soon became bored with this social medium. I wasn’t frequenting there often when one woman befriended me.  We chatted on and off for about 4-months. She was a single mother with three daughters. Like […]

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Transformational Change, Leadership, and Strategic Organizational Capability

Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments Intersect Investment company is an organization losing ground in the financial services industry. The company executives have identified that a major change initiative is necessary in order for the organization to survive as a key industry player. The following paper will identify key issues and opportunities the organization must address in […]

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Church Girls with Curly Curls

I grew up in a family that attended our local Catholic church regularly. Each Sunday my parents piled the kids in the car and sometimes we took two cars depending if my older sisters wanted to drive also.  Either way we’re all going to church and it was our weekly family obligation. My dad sung […]

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Heaven and Hell on Earth

Thousands of events have been lived, studied, and evaluated upstairs in the old noggin. One reoccurring study that’s been with me since I was a kid is the discussion between heaven and hell. I learned that the two future homes are the result of our actions in life. If I understand the result correctly, I’ve […]

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S.O.S. Blogger in Crisis Mode!

As much as I enjoy writing, my goal is to be published. I have no clue if I have what it takes inside of me to accomplish my dream but I’m trying. I’m also not having the best of times being a blogger. There is far too much I don’t understand. Some of my lack […]

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Bunkle’s Int’l World Turtle Day Speech

Good morning everyone. I’m here on your lovely Los Angeles beach to speak to you about my obsession. My passion is for tortoises and I’m the spokes turtle for the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) mission I’m also the boss of the turtle yard and ATR’s mascot. I am King Tortoise in L.A. and many […]

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