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The Social Media Liar Player

A few years back, I joined MySpace upon the recommendation from a friend. I engaged the site for a while but soon became bored with this social medium. I wasn’t frequenting there often when one woman befriended me.  We chatted on and off for about 4-months. She was a single mother with three daughters. Like […]

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SWM 4 SWF-B/A/L++BFF pfft FWB=Muaks

For 11 years I’ve been fighting my computer by myself and I can’t do this alone any longer. I need a wife ASAP! No civil relationship with me required. You can scream and curse at me whenever you like. It’s all good. I’ll never listen to you anyway. I’m not looking for a Princess. I’m […]

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A Bride’s Eye Wedding Day Bliss

*NOTE*: This is the response poem from the bride. The groom’s poem was published a couple of days ago. If you haven’t read the first poem yet, please read it before you read below. You can find the poem by clicking the link titled “My Wedding Day Bliss” on the right side of this page. […]



My Wedding Day Bliss

Today is my wedding day I’m soon to be tied. I wish I had met her Last night how I cried! A deal between fathers A shake I can’t break. If I could and I would I’d bail from this state. I’d find me a place Where daddy can’t see Me hittin’ up a lady […]

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