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The Liebster Award

It’s always nice when fellow writers shout out peer writers through recognition and awards. Although awards are great, I am not a big fan of talking about myself. I don’t like to do it if I don’t have to. Talented funny girl, Author Donna Joy Usher of Australia, says I must chatter about myself because […]

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S.O.S. Blogger in Crisis Mode!

As much as I enjoy writing, my goal is to be published. I have no clue if I have what it takes inside of me to accomplish my dream but I’m trying. I’m also not having the best of times being a blogger. There is far too much I don’t understand. Some of my lack […]

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Fellow Bloggers, You’re Starting to Piss Me Off!

I’ve been reading truly amazing blogs you all have written. Nicely done everybody! After reviewing all your wonderful works of art, you’ve given me no choice but to be totally envious of how talented many of you truly are. Because of you weird, odd, and animal blogger types, I’m not going to write a funny […]

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WordPress vs Blogger: A Path without Potholes!

Today I began my second month in Blogville. As a newbie, I’ve made early observations regarding the blogging community and the various platforms good artists are using. I’m a WordPress guy and for no reason other than it’s the platform I chose at the time, I’m very glad I did. Many of you blogger types […]

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My Butt Hurts

It’s Sunday morning, April 17, 2011, and my first full day of becoming an official blog-man! The birds are chirping, scattered clouds surfing underneath a beautiful light blue umbrella, and my butt seriously hurts. I joined yesterday! Not known for being the sharpest nail in the pail when it comes to technology, I’ve always […]

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